2018 Digital Eagles Content Wrap

Over the past year, we wrote over 25 blog posts around SEO, social media, digital marketing strategy, and content marketing. We’ve detailed strategies around personalising your campaigns, growing your brand and staying atop Google algorithm changes.

Today, we’re going to recap the past year of posts and preview what’s coming in 2019 on the Digital Eagles’ blog.  In addition, you can see the guest posts, expert opinions and other media we garnered in 2018 on our Media page.

Business & Marketing Strategy

The trend we focussed the most attention on this year was personalising your strategy. Customers demand to be spoken to individually. They don’t care about anything they don’t care about and want tailored, custom experiences that reflect their own engagement with your brand.

In addition to onboarding customers with a considered and thought out process, we discussed brand strategy and customer-centric content. It’s not enough to say someone’s name in an email in 2018. Customers truly want interesting, relevant experiences across all media platforms and interactions.



Search engine optimisation never stops changing and 2018 was certainly a wild ride in our industry. The basics remain important and that was our primary focus for our blog in 2018. With hundreds of thousands of new Shopify stores opening each year, we dropped our top SEO tips for new Shopify store owners.

Link building and algorithm changes go hand-in-hand so we covered both for you this year. The other major talking point was how reviews affect your organic SEO. We covered not only how these reviews contribute but how you can generate more reviews for your business.

Take a look through our top SEO posts below.


Content Marketing

Content marketing will remain extremely important for the next few years and 2018 was no exception. We focused our own efforts on video and broad content strategy. There are a million ways to take your content and you’re literally limited only by your own creativity. Whether creating content yourself and blogging, hiring influencers to help you create more engaging content on social media or going the video and Youtube route, there are many channels, strategies and outlets available.

We believe in and will continue to invest in micro-video and video to show products and services in action. Optimising your Youtube videos can easily 5-10x your video’s reach and usefulness.


Web Design & Development

Web design and development push visitors to act on your site. It’s important to drive a load of qualified traffic but once it gets to your site, what happens?

This year we focused on conversion optimisation, tracking cross-device and working to optimise your ecommerce shops. Shopify again gets a mention with its growing importance and marketplace of apps to help you grow.



Social Media

Social media was less of a focus for us this year. Most people know by now about influencer marketing and Facebook ads. We drew our own attention to Instagram where we achieved many wins for clients.

We know Facebook, Youtube and Instagram will remain important through 2019 and we will do our best to write more about social media marketing next year.


What’s Coming from Digital Eagles in 2019

Our content focus for 2019 can be summed up in one word: change.

We are going to focus on the main changes happening in all the above industries. Change comes to the marketing world way too fast sometimes. We will test new strategies and publish the results. We will develop better, stronger strategies and publish case studies around our work.

2019 will also be a big year for the Digital Eagles team as we expand our writing staff beyond our Chief Eagle, Ryan, and start hearing from all the other voices within the Nest. This has already begun and will definitely continue into the new year.

Our team has grown so fast in 2018 and yes, it often broke our ability to publish as much as we wanted but we’re getting our feet back underneath us and the last 3 months have seen more posts than the 9 months before.

Our Predictions for 2019

  • Voice search volumes will continue to grow as Alexa, Home and Echo catch on
  • Chatbots and AI are here to stay (and in some cases, replace existing channels)
  • Video will still be #1 for views, conversion and capturing eyes

How to make this work for you moving into 2019

No matter what your strategy for marketing in 2019, if any of the above have not been considered, then you should be rewriting your plan moving forward into the new year.

When it comes to moving forward with technology, it will be forever important to stay ahead of the pack when adopting new trends

It’s all about connecting the dots in aligning your goals with future trends to make sure you are utilising every aspect of the market to give your brand and product maximum reach. With everything mentioned above, it will give you the tips to help you integrate the latest trends into your marketing plan for the new year.

Local SEO Trends 2017

Evergreen content

Most of us have already heard of this concept before, but it is certainly not dead. Create something that people will want to read and come back to over and over again.

If anything, 2018 has proven to us that old, existing content has a place to drive relevant and convertible traffic – if done correctly.

Mobile Marketing

Imagine going grocery shopping and making a list from the shopping centre whilst your fridge lets you know what’s inside! That’s now a reality. Also, when you’re driving near the store it can automatically send you an SMS to let you know of any deals within the shop.

Although these are all new and exciting ways marketers can leverage their brands, the same is still to be said about writing blogs, creating content, websites, social media, and video content. Creating unique content that resonates with your audience via these channels will still be crucial to your brand.

See you in 2019!