Positive vs Negative Reviews - Taking a look at online reputation management

For many small businesses, the complete lack of proactive online reputation management leaves them in the position of a sitting duck. With little more than just a website to represent you online, you’re in a precarious position. If a competitor creates a blog targeting your audience or brand name or even just posts something on social media, they could rank ahead of your business in search results.

If you have an established local business, your customers may be searching for you by business name, but if other content is ranking ahead of your business it will directly impact your bottom line.

Online reputation management and repair has been a huge growth segment of digital marketing for years. Digital Eagles has worked on numerous cases fixing online reputation issues, and it’s quite clear to us that if a business doesn’t invest proactively in developing their online presence and reputation, they will more than likely pay considerable costs later in terms of lost revenues, repairing abrupt damage, and developing out the presence they neglected.

Customer expectations grow every day. A three-star rating now is seen as a negative review in the eye of your future customers.

Perhaps the only thing worse than under-engaging on social media is handling social media badly. No one can damage you as seriously as you can damage yourself if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Entrepreneurs and small business employees sometimes develop a paralysis when it comes to asking for feedback — perhaps because those operating small businesses have to be jacks-of-all-trades to some degree just to be able to run a small business effectively.

But, knowing how to create a great product and being able to do all the things necessary to successfully manage and run a small business doesn’t automatically make you an effective communicator in the internet space.

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