The Best Shopify Apps for Boosting Sales

Shopify is an app that makes it easy to shop online whilst having the added benefit of features that help online stores achieve eCommerce success. The Shopify app store is a vital tool for business owners looking to boost their sales. Although at first it might seem somewhat overwhelming, what with some 2,000 apps available to assist your online store, there are a select few that really are worth their value in terms of ROI.

We thought we would share with you the 15 Shopify apps that will help your store move up to the next level and make the sales you have always dreamed it would.


Kit: Enhanced Shopify Efficiency

Kit works like an extra pair of hands that you may require to help with the marketing for your store. Kit is literally a FREE virtual employee, and will automatically recommend the marketing initiatives that will drive traffic to your store and boost sales. All you have to do is send a few messages to Kit over Facebook Messenger or SMS and you can begin a retargeting campaign to bring back customers to your store, create your very own discount code and promote it, give thanks to your customers through personalised messaging and much, much more.

Kit also help you manage your Facebook and Instagram ads, social posts, email marketing to drive sales and grow business (and did we mention this was all for FREE? I think we did). Kit is amazing for the potential ROI you receive in both sales and time saved.


Countdown Cart: Enhance Customer Urgency

A customer wants something more when they think they are running out of time to acquire the product. It’s human phycology. Shopify store owners see far greater results from their store when they are able to create a sense of urgency and scarcity amongst their customers. One of the best ways to achieve this? Through installing Countdown Cart.

Countdown Cart adds a timer to your customer’s cart, as well as a social proof widget for your product pages and a stock countdown. You will be surprised at how much your conversions can improve through installing this little app that gives the customers that extra boost of urgency to purchase.


Recovery Cart Pusher: Perfect for Recovering Abandoned Carts

Recovery Cart Pusher works by sending web push notifications (messages sent through a user’s web browser) and creates real-time connections with your customers and prospects. Recovery Cart Pusher is help turn websites into much more powerful marketing and sales channels for business owners.

You don’t have to sit around waiting for customers to check their emails or come to your website as the messages are delivered straight to their desktops. It eliminates the never-read or spam filter email risk and produces far greater click-through rates from prospects. If you are new to push notifications, it is a good idea to get around Recovery Cart Pusher, as it simply automates abandoned cart notifications for you. This app is free and can be up and running within minutes.


Sales Pop: Increase Conversions Through Recent Sale Popups

It comes as no surprise that this was one of the most trending apps of 2017. Sales Pop is by far one of the most popular Shopify apps, with over 60,000 active users and over 8,000 reviews. It was even top of the sales app rankings after its first week of existence.

Why? Because Sales Pop allows you to display live and dynamically update your store’s notifications regarding products other customers have recently purchased. The app gives your store a heightened level of credibility, encourages customer purchases and boosts the conversion rate for your online store. Once you have installed Sales Pop, the app will automatically sync with your Shopify store’s data and attain recent orders which will in turn become a pop up notification. VIP, Loyalty Points and Simplified Referral Programs helps you easily and quickly create and run your own rewards program that is fun, engaging and encourages your customers regardless of whether they are on desktop or mobile. When you provide rewards for your customers they are more likely to return, more loyal and more likely to make repeat purchases. Easily produce a rewards program for customer referrals, account registrations, birthdays and, of course, purchases in just a few clicks of the mouse.


Quick Facebook Chat: @beeketing Live Chat with Your Customers through Facebook Messenger

Given that around half of the world’s internet users have a Facebook account, it’s probably a good idea that your Shopify store has the ability to connect with customers via the platform, right? Well, now you can do it with ease through Quick Facebook Chat. The idea stemmed out of the desire to leverage Facebook Messenger to create an instant and friendly communication with prospects and customers, and Quick Facebook Chat has quickly become a key proponent of creating customer satisfaction.

Whether your customers need to resolve and issue or have a pre-sales question, they can initiate a conversation through the Quick Facebook Chat widget available on your store. This is done directly and without the potential of losing the conversation’s content and history. It allows the Shopify owner to have a round-the-clock chat session available, regardless of whether the customer is on the store’s website or on Facebook Messenger. Naturally, it works across a broad range of devices – something so important for customer communication nowadays.


Snapppt: Making Instagram Purchases Simple

 Snapppt is an app that assists you to better utilise your Instagram account in order to boost sales. It bridges the gap between your store and your Instagram account through you Snapppt profile page, which presents your curated Instagram images and enables the user to go in the direction of where the product can be purchased.

This means that the app enables you to important images from your Instagram account across to your Snapppt profile, and then specify where the image should take the customer. Not only this, but Snapppt enables an embed which provides you with the opportunity to place your profile into any page on your website or store – helping to create a more seamless experience. Snapppt allows you to make Instagram your next customer acquisition, making it simple for your follows to purchase the product they view in your Instagram posts.


Mobile Converter: Increase Mobile Conversions and Revenue

Mobile traffic has long surpassed desktop traffic, however, conversion rates still fall behind for mobiles as opposed to that of the classic desktop. Naturally, shopping on desktop provides a more seamless experience than mobile, so how does a store owner improve their conversion rate? By making product pages more clear and easier to navigate. You should see a great boost in conversions.

What is the perfect solution? Mobile Converter! This awesome app eliminates the disadvantages of mobile shopping, provides customer satisfaction and drives user actions whilst they are browsing your online store on their mobile devices. Free and easy to use, Mobile Converter is a wonder for creating those more elusive smartphone conversions.


Auto Currency Switcher: Boost International Sales

If your business operates across multiple countries it is a given that you would want the visitor to be able to see the price they will be paying in their home currency. Having the ability to see converted prices eliminates the need for your customer to have to go jumping around a currency converter website (thus creating a poor customer experience in the first place). Checkout remains in the shop currency. This app creates a far better user experience and will help boost your international sales.



Facebook Shop: Sell Your Products Directly through Facebook

This app allows you to sell your products directly through your store’s Facebook account. Once you have created the Facebook sales channel through your Shopify store, a Shop tab will be installed on your Facebook page that presents your store’s products. What makes this app so great is that customers can check out without having to leave Facebook on mobile or desktop. Inventory, product and order management can then be done through Shopify. Facebook Shop allows you to expand your reach on a channel where pre-existing customers already are and is incredibly simple to create.


Happy Email: Create Customer Satisfaction

An incredibly simple yet amazing app, Happy Email allows you to send customers welcome emails after their first purchase from joining. What’s great about Happy Email is the way in which emails are sent out from the store owner’s email, creating a personalised touch. The engangement between your online store and customers will be enhanced by initiating this charming personal touch at the beginning.


Bulk Image Edit: Save Management Time for Images and Enhance SEO

Optimising your images is an important part of SEO and site speed. Bulk Image Edit optimises sizes and sets meaning Alt Text. Boost your website’s ranking in Google search as well produce more sales and traffic through this handy app.


Custom Options: Produce Unlimited Product Options

 If you hate the limited amount of three customisations on each product page, this free is perfect for you. It allows your customers to have more product choices and boosts the chances of selling successfully. You have unlimited personalisation to any product for any reasons and therefore create an list of product options for your customers to select fro.


Better Coupon Box: Grow Follower/Email List and Increase Sales

This highly effective app helps you build your follower/email list as well as boost sales at the same time. Better Coupon Box basically assists you with offering special discounts in exchange for new subscribers or followers.

The incentive from discounts encourages customer purchases which then help convert customers who may have originally only been on your site to browse your product range. This app is handy for building a highly targeted sales funnel as it provides greater value for your customers (which then creates further trust among them).


 Whilst there are an almost endless range of Shopify apps you can attain at the click of the button, not all of them are going to provide you with the efficiency you need to help drive traffic and boost conversions. The above are a list of Shopify apps that each have their own specific perks and can help you achieve your goals as a Shopify store manager.

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