What is AMP? | How and Why Do Accelerated Mobile Pages Affect SEO?

There are a myriad of factors that affect SEO and determine whether your website will rank or not. There are some old ones that have been around forever – like link-building – as well as many newer and more innovative practices. As the way we use the internet changes, so too does SEO – and this is where AMP comes in.

What exactly is AMP?

AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages, a name which really is quite self-explanatory. This system is used to make mobile sites more responsive, allowing users to load them quickly while on the go. This differs from your standard mobile version of a desktop site as it is specifically designed to work best for these devices. By parring away all the unnecessary coding and making it mobile-friendly, AMP provides a better user experience.

If you’ve ever tried to visit a mobile website that is slow, clunky and not at all user-friendly, that’s probably because it’s not designed for mobile at all. Most platforms simply convert desktop layouts to mobile versions so they fit the parameters of the device, meaning the user has to load the same amount of data, images and code on their mobile as they would on their computer. By parring away all the unnecessary coding and making it mobile-friendly, AMP provides a better user experience.

Why does it matter?

In 2016, mobile web browsing overtook desktop browsing for the first time ever – and it doesn’t show any sign of turning back. This is huge, because it shows without a shadow of a doubt that we’re living in an increasingly mobile world. So of course, our websites have to respond accordingly.

Let’s say someone searches for a service on their phone, finds you on Google and clicks on your website – only to find that the page takes almost a minute to load. Chances are, they’re going to click off real fast. When we’re on the go and especially if we’re in a rush to find someone who can provide a product or service, we don’t have time to wait around. They’re just going to get annoyed, click off and try the next person down the list of rankings.

How does it affect SEO?

AMP can impact your SEO because it impacts on various things that decide your rankings; user experience, engagement and click-through rates. If users aren’t staying on your mobile website because it’s simply not user-friendly, Google will notice this. They don’t want to put someone in a top-ranking position who doesn’t offer what their users are looking for. It’s as simple as that.

Our tip? If you really want to get your site ranking, make sure your mobile platform is up to scratch. Like anything with SEO, it’s a long-term investment that needs to be nurtured. It may take a bit of extra time and money, but if done correctly it will reward you with more traffic and increased sales.