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Is your business harnessing the power of email marketing? Do your emails get the click-through rate you desire? Are you even keeping track of your ROI on this channel? If you answered ‘no’ to any of these questions, it’s likely you are doing your business a great disservice when it comes to email direct marketing (EDM). Team up with Digital Eagles today and breathe new life into your EDM strategy.

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We make smart email marketing strategies simple

Email marketing is deceptively complex – but get it down pat, and you are tapping into a powerful source of leads. To start, we work closely with you to develop an email marketing strategy that hones in on your target market and defines what it is you want to achieve. From there, we utilise cutting-edge tools and automated services to streamline delivery and maximise ROI. Ultimately, we translate your emails into goldmines for leads and conversions.

Seamless email marketing automation across any device

One of the most important elements of email marketing is your ability to reach your audience on any device. With mobile web traffic continuing to rise, it’s not just a good idea to optimise your emails for any platform: it’s a necessity. Our automated tools allow you to effortlessly execute your email marketing strategy exactly when you want to, whether it be a welcome message for new customers, a once-off product promotion or a monthly newsletter.

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We help great companies, large and small, crush their email marketing goals

Create personal connections with your customers

At Digital Eagles, our marketing team understands how to build strong relationships with current and potential customers in order to create an ongoing source of leads for your business. We know how to grab someone’s attention in a few words and when to do it. We’ll help you build meaningful connections with maximum convenience, no matter the size or scope of your business. Send them a follow-up after a purchase, or simply wish them a happy birthday – full control is in your hands.

Develop an ongoing strategy

A key characteristic of any strategy, whether it be email marketing services, social media management or local SEO, is that it evolves as your business does. Your needs, objectives and budget are likely to be different this time next year, which is why it’s vital that your approach to marketing adapts accordingly. Your dedicated Digital Eagles account manager will make it easy for you to tweak and adjust your mass email marketing as you go, ensuring there is always a clear path forward.

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