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We’ve designed our PPC agency, based in Auckland, to be ahead of the curve for all things digital marketing. Being Digital Eagles, our view from above gives us a broad outlet and insight into exposure for your marketing needs. Pay-per-click management services is a route we’ve flown many of our clients through to heights that were once dreams, and have now become their reality. With services that cover all bases, we’re well qualified to take you on board and provide the same smarts, quality, and finesses for your brand.

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How does Google AdWords management work?

We’d describe PPC marketing as a bit of a battle against your competitors, with your keywords as the prize, and price as the principal driver to get to your goal. With a tangible campaign that sees your company bidding for high-volume phrases that showcase your site at the top of the search results, your business gains exposure for their pay-per-click efforts as a result.

Once your customer clicks through, you only pay for the winning bid price on the search term, accelerating your ad to the top of search results. Enjoy more bang for your buck when clicks turn into conversions and sales from your customers. It takes true talent and skill to drive optimal efficiency from Google advertising, but our PPC company in Auckland, Wellington and across New Zealand knows how to pack a punch. Let us show you our eagle-eye precision that gives you a generous advantage and competitive edge towards your marketing strategy.

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We’re your all-inclusive Google ads advertising agency

Google ads and pay-per-click management services are just some of the many areas of expertise we carry in our weapon belt. As a PPC company, we’ll assist you with:

  • Google advertising and PPC management services;
  • Eye-catching display ads combined with video, image, or impactful text;
  • Remarketing ads for extra reach and returns;
  • Consciously crafted content to boost organic SEO and more.

Our eagles fly far and wide to bring you the best tools and strategies to champion your company’s commercial endeavours. Get in touch to hear more about our pay-per-click services and expertise across Wellington, Auckland and New Zealand, and start your game-changing conversation with our creatives today.

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An AdWords agency that exceeds your goals

Google ads have a multitude of uses that maximise your reach and leads. From Adwords to dynamic display ads and remarketing, our eagles can extend your advertising endeavours to go the extra mile. Check out our Google Display Network services and see just how far we can take your brand.

Enhance your business with AdWords marketing

Adwords is an asset for businesses all over the world. In the hands of experienced experts, this platform is a tool that can be wielded with wondrous results. Capturing your company’s audience with compelling content that’s conveniently positioned at the top of their search results makes for quick conversions, makes sure you’re being seen when it matters most.


Lead-generating Google ads for Wellington, Auckland, and beyond

Whether you’re looking for local clients, or want to take your targeting to the world, we’re here with the skills and passion to power your tactics up.

Complemented with a clever strategy, we take you soaring through:

  • Google ads that place your business at the top search results;
  • PPC management services keep you in the driver’s seat of your campaign, budget and objectives.
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