Instagram Shoppable Organic Posts is now in New Zealand

Instagram Shoppable Posts

Instagram has been predominantly been a closed social media channel for a long time. It has been very difficult for brands and e-commerce businesses to drive traffic and sales from Instagram. However last year, Instagram launched shoppable organic posts for businesses and brands in the US, giving brands the ability to add e-commerce links within their Instagram organic posts.

Last week, Instagram announced the expansion of its shoppable experience for brands to eight more countries: the UK, France, Italy, Germany, New Zealand, Brazil, Canada and Spain.

This feature will now give e-commerce brands and consumers much easier access to pricing and product information. “Shoppers can tap on a tagged post within their feeds or through the shop button on a business’ profile to take the next steps to learn more,” says Instagram.

According to Instagram, about half of its daily active users in the US follow a shopping business account, and more than 200 million users visit one or more Instagram business profiles daily. Lulus, one of the brands that participated in the shoppable posts beta, says it has seen “tremendous” value and growth since testing began.

“Since launch, shopping on Instagram can be directly attributed to over 1,200 orders and over 100,000 sessions,” says Lulus Vice President of Marketing Noelle Sandler. A marketing manager for the hair product company TYME says website traffic from Instagram has increased 44 percent since using the shoppable organic posts, says Marketing Land.

Businesses can make their organic posts shoppable by tagging a product in the app in the same fashion as tagging a person in a photo.

Why the Change To Instagram Shopping?

Instagram has over two million advertisers, this number has been increasing at a steady pace now for the last 12 months, considering that in March they only had one million. Obviously, Instagram want to continue to drive the upward trend.

Using Instagram shoppable tags will help businesses to spend more money on sponsored posts and the plan is that it will also bring more users to Instagram. The added incentive is to make money and drive the Instagram platform forward as a bigger revenue source for Facebook.

Ollie Brazier from Digital Eagles is predicting this innovation to be one of the biggest e-commerce shifts in social media in 2018 / 2019. Ollie’s advice is to be strategic about the products that you are tagging on your Instagram posts, use your best value products to entice prospective buyers to your website. Also be mindful not to tag too many products in a single posts, as this may look spammy, says Ollie who also runs Oxygen Media a social media agency in Auckland.

Getting Started in Instagram Shopping?

There are a couple of eligibility requirements that you’ll need to have in place before you can get started with Instagram Shopping.

  1. You will need to be located in one of the 9 countries that are now part of the global expansion: USA, Canada, Brazil, UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy and New Zealand.
  2. You will need to have an Instagram business account. (If you need help, we can set this up for you)
  3. You must have the latest version of the Instagram app
  4. You must sell physical goods.
  5. Your business profile must be connected to a Facebook catalogue (this can be created in Facebook Business Manager)

That’s it!

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